The feeling you get when you book your ticket

The feeling you get when you book your ticket to your favourite spot can barely be described with words! But butterflies in my stomach, excitement, happiness and the biggest smile on my face are some of the things that I feel and do right now=)

We just booked our flights back to Bali where we spent 4 months last year (6 months ago actually). We fell in love with the place and had a hard time going back home. Life has been a roller coaster these 6 months and we’ve struggled so much to be able to go back. Zack´s dad has been sick and its been hard going anywhere.

Anyhow, we have now booked our tickets and we are flying out in 2 months. I have already started thinking about the clothes I will take with me and planned to go and bikini shop soon=D

Oh, I just cant wait to go back to the sun, surf, yoga, massage and last but not least to hang out with my man full time 😀

can you relate?

Much love,



We are going to be apart again…

So I came to US, Michigan Dec 20th and I guess I only have two more days left here. I leave the 7th. That means that I will not be able to see, hug, cuddle or hang out with my baby. He needs to stay here since his dad is sick and he wants to take care of him. I on the other hand need to go back to Sweden and take care of everything I need to take care of over there.

We have talked about it and we will probably be apart for 2-3 months until we travel back to Bali. Well..that is our plan right now at least. You never know how that could change from here depending on what turns life decides to take us on..

I am so grateful that we have each other and even more for Skype lol but it still sucks that I will not be able to be with my man for so many days and nights.

Have you ever had a distance relationship? How did you cope with it?

Would appreciate your feedback and maybe some tips that could help=)


Much love<3