Top 5 things to do in Canggu Bali Indonesia

Canggu bali is a cool small beach town full of entrepreneurs and surfers. It was our absolute favorite spot in Bali where we stayed for almost 3-4 months.

It has a cool beach town vibe with a lot of cool and open-minded travelers around. The place is perfect to visit now and not later since It is an upcoming spot in Bali, which means; a bunch of construction work, not too many locals around and crowded surf beaches. But you still have a chance to catch it while it is good so don’t hesitate and take the next flight to this awesome vibrant little town where you have everything you could ever possibly want and need within 5 minutes scooter ride.

And by the way, you need a scooter to get around fast and safe. And believe me, if I learned how to ride one, ANYONE can. Please do not forget your helmet.

Below I have listed the top 5 things to do in Canggu:

1. Go surfing!


There are tons of surf shops everywhere on the beach and outside where you can get a 2 hour private lesson including surfboard and rash guard for only 350K IDR which is equal to 26 USD. Or just go ahead and rent a board and go out and have fun by yourself like hundreds of other newbies. The board rental, including rash guard, is only 50K IDR= 3,7 USD.

If you like, there are also tons of surf camps all around Canggu. If you want to get an OK price, try to book your bed in the dorms in the camp. And if you need a private room, make sure you book early on.

In Canggu, you have the beaches Batu Bolong and Old man´s that I would recommend for beginners.

Intermediate to professional?

Echo beach, Berawa.


2. Go do Yoga!


Canggu has a few really good yoga centers.

The practice
Modern, clean, beautiful and a bit pricier. You get a drop-in ticket for a class for 140,000 IDR = 10.5 USD.

It is beautiful and has a pool and fountain that gives it this awesome relaxing vibe. You get a drop-in ticket for a class for 130,000 IDR = 9.75 USD.

The place looks a bit older but gives it its charm. They have many different yoga rooms and they also have bungalows for rent which is located on the back of the house with a big pool. You get a drop-in ticket for a class for 110,000 IDR = 8.24USD.

They also offer a free acro yoga session on Fridays where a group of people gather and “play” as it is called in one of Serenities rooms. It is a lot of fun, go and try it out! They have a facebook group too, .

All these places offer different packages and monthly membership which might be more economically beneficial.

3. Eat, eat and eat

You have endless options of good, healthy and delicious food in Canggu. You will find a bunch of western-local fusion places that have taken everything good from both kitchens and mixed it together to build awesomeness you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Here is a list of my favorite places


Healthy and organic food. Awesome atmosphere with koi pond, a little temple and cushions to sit on the floor.

Shady shack
Vegeterian/Vegan restaurant. You must try out everything, because all of it is delicious. They are located by a rice field and the restaurant is constructed so you feel like you are sitting in a nice and relaxing garden. Try the Taco plate..yummi!!

Poke Poke
So good! Hawaiian street food inspired, with a local twist. The prices are very good. Don’t miss out also trying food from next door which is basically the same restaurant but with Indian street food. Try the Roti, it´s so damn good.

Echo beach club

Barbeque on the beach with an awesome salad buffet. Do I need to say more? 😀

4. Go get a massage

It is cheap. You pay 90 000 IDR =6,75 USD for a full hour massage. You have a lot of different types of massages, you can even get the 4-handed massage…heaven.

While there, get your nails etc done..super cheap compared to home.

5. Hang out at Dojo

This is the coolest coworking space I have seen. It is a beautiful and big villa with a pool, ac rooms and skype rooms. And they have really good wifi. They have inspiring talks about different topics every day and have at least 4-5 different activities a week; members lunch, members barbeque party, dinner, photo group meetings, cryptocurrency group meetings etc. Go there and get inspired by all the digital nomads and all the awesome talks and workshops.

There are tons of other things to do in Canngu as well, for example: drink coconuts at Sand bar on Batu Bolong beach while watching the surfers catching waves. Listen to the live reggae music they play on Batu Bolong beach every Wednesday and Sunday. Take a long beach walk. Collect shells on the beach. Go to Canggu dance center next to Serenity and attend one of their awesom dance classes. And do not miss out of Nalu Bowls just next to Dojo, try the jay-bay smoothie die for:p

So yeah, just like I wrote before: Don’t miss out of Canggu! I love it.


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